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Toute l’essence de la nature est concentrée à l’intérieur de l’émeraude.

Welcome to Émeraude, the newly designed residential project located in the center of La Prairie. Developed on quality greenland of over 6,78 millions of square feet, the project is designed to comprise different kind of units, including condominiums, townhouses, semi-detached and single-family homes. Our vision is to revolutionize the lifestyles of the community by providing an accessible, environment friendly and peaceful living space. With its fabulous surroundings, convenient facilities and high-end architectural design, Émeraude is among the most sought after on the South Shore.
Living in Émeraude, discovering the era of simplicity, luxury and comfort.

Accommodations of various types to suit all tastes

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A modernized lifestyle and a guaranteed quality of life

Émeraude offers you its most fashionable housing solutions with the finest quality. With its refined finishing and high end amenities, Emeraude offers an innovative concept for those who are looking for simplicity, luxury and comfort.

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An impeccable integration into community

Émeraude offers an oasis on the border of La Prairie and Brossard, which allows its residents to enjoy all the benefits of both cities. A location that is surrounded by various retails and business. It is enough to live in Émeraude to enjoy your life.

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A unique ecological project

* Use of low-emission materials
* Optimization of energy performance
* Minimizing water consumption
* Pollution prevention
* Measures to collect and store recyclable materials

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